Who's it for

Have you had a or may have one or more of these

  1. Heart attack   - if the waiting times for Phase 3 and 4 are to long for you and you want to get on with it
  2. Heart failure
  3. Family history of heart issues- genetic predisposion
  4. Issues- illnesses that can make you prone to heart issues a) diebeties b) over wieght c) angina and so on....
  5. Or do you just want to be fit or keep fit

Who is happy hearts setup for well  if you have a heart condition or a family history of heart issues and your concerned dont want to ignore it and do something about it. Do you  have  high blood pressure and want to give your heart a chance get fitter, loose some weight  to improve your long term health, if your diabetic and  yet again help your heart  and give yourself a good fighting chance then Happy hearts is the way to go .

Its a "pay as you go" setup so no membership or other costs, you can come as often as you want and when its good for you.

Below are just a few peoples feedback and recomendations about our group and whats its done for them

Hilary Pickering 

Hillary Pickering

Hi my name is Hilary Pickering I joined Happy Hearts in 2015 after I had open heart surgery and found I really enjoyed not only the physical activities but also the friendly, happy atmosphere.

I have always loved sport and my husband and I are keen orienteers ( you have to find the quickest way to navigate around a course finding control points on the way using a map and compass). We compete in competitions all over the country and sometimes abroad as well. For several years before my operation I could only walk around courses but now gradually I have been able to run again and be a bit more competitive. This Summer I competed in the Scottish 6 Day Orienteering Championships held near Balmoral in Deeside. There were 3,000 competitors, competing in different age classes over very physical terrain, steep hillsides, boulders, streams, thick heather, forest and open heathland.

For the first time in years I found I was really competitive in my class and this spurred me on. I was able to cope well with the physical challenges of running and navigating at the same time and still have some energy left on the last day! This enabled me to come 3rd overall out of a class of 35 which was much better than I had expected. Happy Hearts circuits definitely helped to give me all round fitness and Salli encouraged me to try more specific exercises to stretch me. I love the way that everyone can work at their own level in classes and the carefully chosen music definitely helps to keep you going!

Thanks Salli.

I highly recommend you to anyone!

After having a heart attack and following the rehabilitation I was told about Happy Hearts.  I now go three times a week; I have met some wonderful people there. There is a good range of exercises set in a relaxed environment I especially enjoy the gym and swimming on a Wednesday. This has helped with my recovery and restored my confidence both physically and mentally which has helped me with my Hobbes and with every day life. It also gives me a sense of achievement each time a session is over.  I have lost over three stone feel fitter and healthier than I have for years,

Les Cooke

With Happy Hearts I now live life to the full again.

Mark Farrell, CEO of Wessex-hosting.co.uk

"I highly recommend you to anyone! After my heart attack I was determined to get fit again , but was also concerned about pushing to hard too soon. Happy Hearts was perfect for me."

Ray Lee


Why do I go to Happy Hearts?

It is all about ''S''

Stamina: I can keep going for longer

Social: I am making good friends, most of whom have had similar problems.

Size: We come in all shapes and sizes just like everyone else. It does not matter.

Speed: We all work at a pace that is best for us. There is no pressure to work harder.

Supervise: We all know that if we have any problems, someone is there to help.

Smile: The main reason that I go is to enjoy myself. I do that to the hilt.