We hope you are still all keeping well and safe

Hi All


We hope you are still all keeping well and safe, and as the lockdown eases you are able to get out a little and see friends and family, even if it is outside and social distancing.


We are still looking at restarting some of the classes early September, depending, of course, on the venues allowing us in. With the social distancing, some venues will be too small and others too expensive if we have to keep the numbers down to abide by the present government guide lines. We are communicating with our hall hirers and as expected there are those that are taking all the necessary precautions to open as soon as they are given the go ahead, but for a few we are also aware that it might not be viable to reopen their doors to us for quite a while. We will of course keep you fully informed as we get closer to September.


Unfortunately with expected reduced numbers and the venues already saying they will have to increase the hire costs to try and recoup losses, we will have to increase the cost of sessions. We will keep this to the minimum and once again keep you informed.


The zoom classes are still doing very well and, as we may have to reduce class numbers in the future, we intend to continue the zoom classes, in addition, after the start of the local classes again. In this way we hope to accommodate all members, as we believe that this virus might be with us for some time to come yet. As most of us are vulnerable, we must keep ourselves as safe as possible.


We are now going into our 4th month of teaching virtual classes and, as much as we miss seeing you all face to face, we will have to stay on Zoom for quite some time We appreciate it’s not for everyone but all those who are taking part are having fun and
“You can exercise at your own pace, in your own space and at your own time.”

If you haven’t joined us yet on zoom and would like to, please let us know and we’ll forward all the details.

The zoom system is fairly simple to install on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. If you have any concerns or queries please give Geoff (07921319877) or Nigel (07714419024) a call and they will be happy to assist.


Classes are as follows:


Monday 6.30pm – Normal mid range exercise class

Tuesday 10.30 – Normal mid range exercise class

Tuesday 12.00 – Harder and tougher exercise class

Thursday 10.30 –  Normal mid range exercise class

Thursday 12.00 – Low impact gentle exercise class

Thursday 2.00 – Chair based exercise class


It is now time for July’s payment for the classes. Same cost and details, as previously communicated, with payment by cheque or BAC’s. If you’ve lost the details please let me know and I’ll send again.
£20.00 per person (up to 5 sessions a month)
£35.00 per person unlimited

It may be possible to have additional zoom classes in the future and, if we can accommodate you with classes such as Stability and Stretch and Back Care Strengthen and Stretch, we’ll see what we can do. Any member of Happy Hearts or not are most welcome. Please let us know if you are interested.


DVD’s are still available. Please let us know if you would like one. Members price £10.


The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund is still very much up and running and the winners of the June draw are


First       £50        Richard Edwards          Salisbury             Ticket 312


Second  £30         Paul Robinson              Shaftesbury         Ticket 236


Third     £20         Dennis Smith               Shaftesbury          Ticket 251


Congratulations to the winners and your money is on its way to you.


If you’d like to join The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund and have a chance to win a little bit of extra cash each month please let Malcolm Hurley know on  07961072424 or e mail hurleyatmere2006@sky.com


Please take care, stay safe and well. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER and be back to our normal exercise and fun sessions as soon as we are able


All our very best wishes


Salli, Geoff and Nigel