The Phases of Cardiac rehabilitation

Phase I - the initiating event, emergency hospitalization or selective procedure

Phase II - the hospital care received post operatively, or by your GP/specialist cardiac nurse

Phase III - The Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme you were offered, either in hospital or in the community. Usually this consists of a 12 week course offering exercise and an educational element.

If you are having to wait and yet want to get on try our new wilton venue-

It will be a chair based session /absolute beginners Suitable for anyone suffering from Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes, have Balance Issues, Overweight or need to improve their Heart Health This class also caters for those waiting for a  NHS Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme  Happy Hearts insures no waiting times past 2 weeks Small group  sessions with  individual programming and instructors

All the above are provided free of charge by The NHS

Phase IV is the continuing programme of exercise and is not provided free by the NHS.

There are many clubs, gyms and sole providers offering this service at a cost. Some you can PAYG (pay as you go) whilst other offers a monthly membership. Most of these providers have a qualifying period usually 12 sessions or 12 weeks after this time you could be expected to join the gym or a leisure centre as a regular member.

Now this is where Happy Hearts differs we offer a ‘’forever service’’ We won’t kick you out after a set period of time, as long as you want to come we will be there for you.
You can use are classes as a maintenance programme of exercise, for example because you know you would not do a structured programme of exercise otherwise, or we can provide you with a more intense exercise regime if you are wanting to continually progress your level of fitness within a safe structured programme.

Some of our members have been with us since our very first class while others have used us as a stepping stone to get back to their sport or pass time. Either way we are here to help and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Many of our members know they can join us for a few months at a time, disappear and then come back a few months later. Maybe they spend the winter months abroad or they enjoy bowling or golf during the summer months. Either way it’s your club, you use it as you wish.

I highly recommend you to anyone!

After having a heart attack and following the rehabilitation I was told about Happy Hearts.  I now go three times a week; I have met some wonderful people there. There is a good range of exercises set in a relaxed environment I especially enjoy the gym and swimming on a Wednesday. This has helped with my recovery and restored my confidence both physically and mentally which has helped me with my Hobbes and with every day life. It also gives me a sense of achievement each time a session is over.  I have lost over three stone feel fitter and healthier than I have for years,

With Happy Hearts I now live life to the full again .

Les Cooke