The Referral Process

Anyone can join ‘Happy Hearts’ there are no joining or lengthy membership fees its pay as you go, but we do have a referral system to ensure we have all your information that we require for your safety during your exercise sessions.

Choose which of the following is applicable to you; from

Phase I-II

Not happy with the way its going, a nightmare time wise, difficult to get there to park etc, well make contact and we can discuss your health and needs

text or call us see contact us and we'll call back.

If you arent the only one in the same situation please refer to us.

Phase III Cardiac rehab

Your Cardiac nurses can give you a referral form upon leaving the Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation programme which they will send directly to us.

From your GP/ Cardiac nurse/specialist

Ask your GP to refer you direct, either by the surgery’s referral form/ letter which you can bring with you to your first class or by  e- mail to; or by asking your GP to fill out our on line application which you can downloaded HERE your GP can send it directly to Happy Hearts or print off for you to bring to your first session.

Self referral

If you have no cardiac history but simply wish to start taking care of  your heart health and all the benefits which this brings as a preventive method to future problems simply call/e mail us to discuss the class you wish to come along to and we will arrange a induction session for you.


Before partaking in any new exercise programme it is sensible to consult your GP

Although we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of exercise and heart support we are not professing to be medically trained. Any questions you ask us that are outside our realms of knowledge, we will seek professional medical advice on your behalf or refer you back to your GP or specialist. You will find several links to various medical organisations on our web site.

All advice given is to the very best of our knowledge and we cannot accept responsibility for such advice that is used out of context or shared with others.