Once again a very good week on the zoom classes

Hi All

We hope you are all keeping well and safe. The weeks of lockdown still pass and even though there are signs of easing we do not think it will make a lot of difference to ‘us’ for some time. Our immediate aim is to keep together as a group, help and support each other through this strange time, and in doing so we will emerge again as a strong and vibrant membership.

Once again a very good week on the zoom classes. The response from many of our members has been excellent, and your continuing support and encouragement has helped to vitalise and motivate Salli into providing the adapted and ongoing class structure that we are following. Hopefully we have the sound okay now. It’s great to see so many of you looking well and happy whilst negotiating the isolation. We have had very good support from the Salisbury and Shaftesbury classes, but it would be nice to see a few more friendly faces from the Amesbury, Tisbury and Gillingham classes.

The zoom system is fairly simple to install on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. If you have any concerns or queries please give Geoff (07921319877) or Nigel (07714419024) a call and they will be happy to assist.

These next few weeks/months are going to be key in ensuring that Happy Hearts is well placed and in good shape to pick up where we left off in late March. We can achieve this, but we will require the help of all our members to secure a successful transition back to some kind of normality in class. . Even then, it will probably have to be with reduced class numbers due to social distancing. In the short term, unfortunately, Happy Hearts will have to change the way we operate.

Our immediate aim is to keep together as a group, help and support each other through this strange time, and in doing so we will emerge again as a strong and vibrant membership. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding

Most of you know that Salli started Happy Hearts some 10 years ago. Salli was then and still is one of the leading cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitee exercise practitioner in the country. We started with one class of 15 people and progressed to over 13 classes a week and having a membership base of about 400. What we do is somewhat unique throughout the country, offering continuous cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation in the community. Also allowing friends and family, and in fact, anybody that wants to join the classes with medical problems or just want to join us to keep fit and well.

Obviously zoom classes are filling a gap but we will have to find ways of operation differently. Accounting, marketing and even using different locations once we get back to class. We are also considering compiling a book about Happy Hearts for exercise and healthy living and on a personal level Salli’s experience since the loss of her children.
If any you wonderful people out there have any skills or advice to help us get through this and still keep our members fit and well, during these difficult times we would be most grateful.

As we said in our last e-mail, unfortunately, we will have to start charging for the zoom classes at the start of next month. To make this cost effective it will have to be on a month per month basis. It is with regret that it has to come to this but at the moment it’s the only way we can keep Salli and Happy Hearts afloat.

Bank details for transfers and address for cheques will be forwarded to individuals joining us on zoom privately.

If you haven’t joined us yet on zoom and would like to, please let us know and we’ll forward all the details. Classes are as follows:

Tuesday 10.30 – Normal mid range exercise class
Tuesday 12.00 – Harder and tougher exercise class
Thursday 10.30 – Normal mid range exercise class
Thursday 12.00 – Low impact gentle exercise class
Thursday 2.00 – Chair based exercise class

A Monday evening class is still being considered so please let us know if you would be interested.

DVD’s are still available. Please let us know if you would like one. Members price £10.

The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund is still very much up and running so if you’d like to join and have a chance to win a little bit of extra cash each month please let Malcolm Hurley know on 07961072424 or e mail hurleyatmere2006@sky.com

Remember we must stay positive through this difficult time and look forward to the time we can get back to some form of normality.

Please take care, stay safe and well. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER and be back to our normal exercise and fun sessions as soon as we are able

All our very best wishes

Salli, Geoff and Nigel