New lockdown status

Hi All

Another month has passed and unfortunately things haven’t improved, with a second wave of this nasty virus and another lockdown from Thursday. We sincerely hope you are still all keeping well and safe. Please remember we are a support group as well as exercise, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel the need. Let’s hope that we can all safely get through this. Think the best answer is to batten down the hatches for the winter and hope next year things improve somewhat.

Luckily the zoom classes are still going very well, with more people joining, not only original members, but new ones from varying parts of the country! Well over a hundred people join us each week and we have capacity to take more. Please encourage family and friends to join us even if they live away. We’d be very pleased to see them. If you would like to join us on zoom, please let us know and we’ll forward all the details. Remember you can do it in the safety of your own home, with no going out in the rain or cold on a dark winters night!! A free, one to one tutorial class is offered to anyone joining us on zoom for the first time.

The zoom system is safe and simple to install on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. If you have any concerns or queries please give Geoff (07921319877) or Nigel (07714419024) a call and they will be happy to assist. We are also happy to hold tutorials on a one to one to assist if required.

We must apologise to the zoom members for the slight hiccup on the sound earlier this month. Our technical man, Nigel was on holiday and Geoff had to stand in to set up, and got it slightly wrong on a couple of classes. Hopefully that won’t happen too often!

You may also notice that Salli changes the routines regularly. This is to try and exercise the mind as well as the body. Hopefully you can get it okay, although Geoff still can’t master the heel toe bit and he does all the classes each week!!!!.

If you fancy joining us, classes are as follows:

Monday 5.00pm – Back Care Strengthen and Stretch class
Monday 6.30pm – Traditional Happy Hearts fun filled session to improve your heart health, muscle strength and improve your stability
Tuesday 10.30am – Traditional Happy Hearts fun filled session to improve your heart health, muscle strength and improve your stability
Tuesday 12.00 noon– Harder and tougher exercise class
Tuesday 2.30pm – Heart Failure exercise class (By arrangement only via Community Heart Failure Nurses)
Thursday 10.30am – Traditional Happy Hearts fun filled session to improve your heart health, muscle strength and improve your stability
Thursday 12.00 noon – Beginners/Returning to exercise after lockdown. Low impact gentle exercise class
Thursday 2.00pm – Chair based exercise class

Cost of classes are:

1 x class a week = £20 per calendar month per person,

Unlimited classes = £35 per calendar month per person

It is nearly time for November’s payment for the classes. Same details, as previously communicated, with payment by cheque or BAC’s. If you’ve lost the details please let me know and I’ll send again.
DVD’s are still available. Please let us know if you would like one. Members price £10.

The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund is still very much up and running with the winners of the October draw being:

First £50 Ian Tate Shaftesbury Ticket 254

Second £30 Ann Grubb Amesbury Ticket 273

Third £20 Ian Flockhart Shaftesbury Ticket 225

Congratulations to the winners and your money is on its way to you.

If you’d like to join The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund and have a chance to win a little bit of extra cash each month please let Malcolm Hurley know on 07961072424 or e mail

Finally, a recent comment from the reverend Graham, a verse in Proverbs 15:13 states ‘A happy heart makes the face cheerful’. Thought very apt for our classes, as we see your cheerful faces on screen every week. It’s also nice to know that all those years ago they were thinking about keeping the heart fit and happy.

Please take care, stay safe and well. We are still united in keeping you fit and healthy until we can get back to the new normal. Please come and join us on zoom, we guarantee you’ll enjoy it and have a bit of fun.

All our very best wishes

Salli, Geoff and Nigel