keeping Happy Hearts going during this difficult time.

Hi All

We hope you are still all keeping well and safe. We are good and, thankfully, the zoom classes have taken off and keeping Happy Hearts going during this difficult time.

You will of course know by now that thing are slowly getting back to some normality, with gyms and clubs slowly opening. In the present climate your safety and wellbeing are of the upmost importance to us and with the present social distancing rules still in place, we are unable to return to normal classes at the moment. We have been in touch with the venues we use and some say they cannot accommodate at all and others say they could but can only accommodate us for 5 to 15 people depending on the size of the hall. Unfortunately it is just not viable to hire the venues and Salli also feels she is not in a position to choose who can attend each class.

We sincerely hope you all understand why we cannot continue as before, for the foreseeable future. Classes will continue on zoom. Please join us if you haven’t done so yet. It’s good fun, you can see other members, it keeps you fit and the best bit is you can do it in the comfort of your own home. No going out in the rain or cold on a dark winters night!! Please also remember that you do not have to be seen by other members if it makes you feel uncomfortable. You can just see and hear Salli.

If you haven’t joined us yet on zoom and would like to, please let us know and we’ll forward all the details.
The zoom system is safe and simple to install on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. If you have any concerns or queries please give Geoff (07921319877) or Nigel (07714419024) a call and they will be happy to assist. We are also happy to hold tutorials on a one to one to assist if required.

Classes are as follows:

Monday 6.30pm – Traditional Happy Hearts fun filled session to improve your heart health, muscle strength and improve your stability
Tuesday 10.30am – Traditional Happy Hearts fun filled session to improve your heart health, muscle strength and improve your stability
Tuesday 12.00 noon– Harder and tougher exercise class
Tuesday 2.30pm – Heart Failure exercise class
Thursday 10.30am – Traditional Happy Hearts fun filled session to improve your heart health, muscle strength and improve your stability
Thursday 12.00 noon – Beginners/Returning to exercise after lockdown. Low impact gentle exercise class
Thursday 2.00pm – Chair based exercise class

Hopefully we will be sending out some short video clips of the classes in the near future so you can see what they are like.
We are still looking into additional class so continue to let us know if you are interested, especially in Stability and Stretch; and Back Care Strengthen and Stretch. Any member of Happy Hearts or not are most welcome. As soon as we get enough to start a class we’ll be in touch.
We are now also offering one to one and small groups ( at your home or garden) for exercise for your individual needs. If you are interested in this please contact us for details
It is now time for August’s payment for the classes. Same details, as previously communicated, with payment by cheque or BAC’s. If you’ve lost the details please let me know and I’ll send again.
With this in mind for this month only it will be £15 per person for one session a week
£15.00 per person for August and
£30.00 per person unlimited
We hope to be holding a class on Bank holiday Monday 31st August if demand is sufficient
DVD’s are still available. Please let us know if you would like one. Members price £10.

The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund is still very much up and running and the winners of the July draw are

First £50 Peter Keen Shaftesbury Ticket 202

Second £30 Mo Their Shaftesbury Ticket 285

Third £20 Penny Coombs Amesbury Ticket 245

Congratulations to the winners and your money is on its way to you.

If you’d like to join The Happy Hearts Foundation Fund and have a chance to win a little bit of extra cash each month please let Malcolm Hurley know on 07961072424 or e mail

A separate e-mail is being sent out regarding the Happy Hearts Foundation Fund, please look out for this one.

I have had a request for a walking/running treadmill machine. If anybody has one for sale please let me know. The gentleman in question is rather large so a heavy duty one would be preferable. Many thanks.

Please take care, stay safe and well. We are still united in keeping you fit and healthy until we can get back to the new normal

All our very best wishes

Salli, Geoff and Nigel