Why do I go to Happy Hearts?It is all about ''S'' Stamina: I can keep going for longerSocial: I am making good friends, most of whom have had similar problems.Size: We come in all shapes and sizes just like everyone else. It does not matter.Speed: We all work at a pace that is best for us. There is no pressure to work harder.Supervise: We all know that if we have any problems, someone is there to help.Smile: The main reason that I go is to enjoy myself. I do that to the hilt.Ray Lee

All classes follow a simply circuit and interval format, which allows everyone to work at their own pace, so if you are completely new to exercise you can work quite happily alongside our more experienced and fitter members. Also as all the classes (except the aqua and gym sessions) follow the same format you can go to any venue on any day and will still know exactly what you are doing

The circuit format is also a highly effective formula for ensuring that all your major muscles get an effective work out. It involves short bursts of different types of exercises, to strengthen the heart, thereby challenging your cardiovascular system and major muscles of the body. This format ensures that no undue stresses are placed on your heart but still allowing it to work to its safe but full potential

Each exercise ‘station’ lasts for a minute in duration (not that you have to complete the full minute) so for example for one minute you work your Biceps and the next you may be doing Step Ups to increase your heart rate and make your heart work a little harder. Remember the heart is a major muscle so needs to be worked just as every other muscle in our body, so it becomes fitter, stronger and more effective at the job it has too do. By working different muscles at each exercise station it allows one group of muscles to have a rest before working again, this way each muscle can achieve more than it would if it were worked continuously for a longer period of time.

Happy Hearts also offers emotional support. Any heart problems or surgery can be a hugely emotional and life changing experience for both you and your family. These emotional effects can cause a great deal of anxiety and depression, which in turn can cause problems at work, with relationships and socially.

Our classes are welcoming, fun and sociable. Exercising and talking to others that have gone through or are going through similar traumatic times, can have a huge impact on the healing process.

Exercise is a tonic and can put laughter back in your life as it releases the Happy Hormones such as Serotonin, which not only make you feel good but increases your self esteem, boosts your immune system, generates a more positive outlook to your life and enables you to cope with stress more easily.

Of course all our classes are to music, covering a wide range from the 50’s 60’s 70’s and a bit more up to date!! I guarantee you will hear some song that will bring back lots of happy memories, that will make you smile or that you just cannot help singing along too.